Gear & Requirements

Here’s a rundown of the gear I use

Guitars: Parkwood PW 360, Parkwood PW 370, Parkwood H2

Microphone: Blue Encore 200

Amplification: Fishman SA 330, Fishman Loudbox Artist, Fishman Loudbox Charge, JBL 610

Pedals: TC Electronic and Behringer

Mixers: Presonus AR8, Behringer X-Air 12

Strings: D’Addario Bluegrass, GHS White Bronze

Good news!  I’m a solo performer. That means I don’t need too much from a venue. For many shows, I just plug my mic and guitar into a PreSonus AR8 (to record myself and bluetooth for set breaks) and run that out to a Fishman SA 330 and/or a JBL 610.

In the case I need to plug-in, I will need a power supply and 2 XLR cables run from the system.  If I must exclusively use a location’s equipment, it’s a mic and a DI.