What started as calamity ended up becoming Brian Roessler’s defining moment as a songwriter. Having just lost the tip of his ring finger on his fretting hand in an accident, Brian felt completely lost. Playing guitar was more than a hobby or a part-time job. It was a release, an avenue for emotive lyrics, a connection to other people. Sitting in the emergency room that night, it felt as if all of that had been taken away.

Creativity and resilience are often born from diversity, and soon Brian found himself exploring tunings and rhythmic patterns that allowed him to play without using the injured finger. Soon, these alternate tunings and rhythms became more than just temporary; they became a signature sound that changed the way Brian wrote songs and differentiated his music from his friends and peers.

Mostly known for his live, solo-acoustic shows, Brian has just finished writing the songs for his sixth album.  Previous music is available on CD Baby, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, Pandora and many other streaming services.